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Redesign the Fripost’s wiki to function as a outsider facing website and merge the content of the org-mode based into the wiki.

?gustav is working on the branch fripost-wiki#ge-move-website.


Regarding redesign, the following are requirements:

  • Visitors of [] should be brought to the “Hem” page
  • Visitors of [] should be bought to the wiki index page.
  • The pages “Hem”, “Om”, “Gå med”, “Kontakt”, “Certifikat”, and “English” should be locked from external edits, and edit buttons and navigation should be hidden.
  • The “FAQ” page should shared between the website and the wiki: It should be editable but still displayed as if it was part of the website.


Regarding merging, the following is the checklist:

  • In from_wiki, the following pages should be attended and possibly added to the wiki.
    • budget.txt – Dropped
    • faq.txt – Content already in
    • fscons.txt – Added as ideology/fscons-2010.mdwn
    • index.txt – Dropped
    • ordlista.txt – Added as dictionary.mdwn
    • princip.txt – Added as ideology/princip.mdwn
    • protokoll.txt – Avaliable among minutes already
    • sidospår.txt – Incorporated in hjalpa_till.mdwn
    • stadgar.txt – Dropped. Statues exists in the meetings git repository
    • teknik.txt – Dropped
    • årsmöte.txt – Dropped
  • In sites the following pages should be attended and possibly be added to the wiki
    • certs – Added as a page, certs.mdwn, which is accessed from the main navigation bar
    • certs.asc – Added as a file, accessed from certs.mdwn
    • default.css – Dropped
    • – Merged with faq.mdwn
    • – Dropped
    • – Information added as english.mdwn
    • – Text available as hem.mdwn
    • – Information added as english.mdwn
    • – Added as kontakt.mdwn
    • – Information added as english.mdwn
    • – Added as medlemskap.mdwn
    • – Available as om.mdwn
    • progressbar-example.html – Droped
    • robots.txt – Dropped
    • – Dropped
  • Describe the press presence according to the following files
    • images/press/spionen2011_liten.jpg
    • images/press/fripost_fria_tidningen_2011_1.jpg
    • images/press/fripost_fria_tidningen_2011_2.jpg
  • Check whether the content in material is available from the propaganda git repository. If it isn’t, do something about it
  • Check where logo2011.eps is available elsewhere.


There are still some doubts about how to proceed:

1. How shall the becoming be prepared for publications from other sources, like the fripost-meetings Git repository? Currently publication happens through

rsync -ruvp --chmod=Dugo+rx,Fugo+r $(send-files)

and access through<whatever-asked-for>

2. I assume press images and similar can be published according to the same structure:<whatever-asked-for>

3. Regarding how to enforce the soft separation between the wiki and the website content, I don’t know how to achieve that.

I tried the following idea that did not work. The wiki content is left untouched. All website content (apart from hem.mdwn) is moved into a directory, website, and hem.mdwn is named website.mdwn. Then the website is reached through simply by making the web server point those request to /website. The website.mdwn will be /website/index.html and default target.

The problem was that links to shared static content (style sheets and similar) with relative paths did not work.

Other ideas to track

Consider to get back to how the certificate pages are accessed. It would be more natural to access a certificate page from a side note on the “Hem” page, the way it was done in the org-mode based website.



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