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Documentation Demands

There is a need for a rework of the technical documentation of Fripost email and network solutions. July 11, Leif-Jöran, Guilhem, and Gustav recognised the demands on a technical documentation that are covered by this article.

General demands

  • Fripost should avoid many different systems: preferably the association’s homepage, wiki, and documentation solution should be the same.

Demands for reading. The solution should be

  • Index-able by Internet search engines
  • Locally search-able, from within the solution
  • Available in several potential reading formats
  • Readable of line, which is being less-friendly (more-friendly)

Demands on writing and contributions. The solution should be

  • Open for more than administrators to contribute
  • Comment-able from also non members
  • Reasonable efficient to edit offline from regular text editors

Questions to be answered

Does Gitolite have support for LDAP? That way ikiwiki could be coupled to layers of access: administrators, members, and all.

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